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Your early warning system for maintained health!

For men and women who care about their maintaining their health Be proactive. Don't wait until symptoms arise.

Full Body Thermography is a new approach to disease prevention and early detection.

Thermography is a form of medical imaging capable of obtaining detailed infrared images of the human body. We are now in the age of incredible, detailed, digital infrared imaging (or thermal imaging) and high resolution, which enables thermography to shine.

What Is Thermography?

  • It is an accurate means (approved by the FDA) of providing you with information of a preventative nature.
  • It evaluates tissue function and physiology looking for thermal (heat) abnormalities. Medical infrared imaging is used to evaluate whole body health issues.
  • It has the added advantage, through breast thermography scans, of being able to alert women of breast abnormalities that can lead to breast cancer, up to 10 years before they manifest.

See "Conditions Detected with Infrared Full Body Scanning" and "Hypothyroidism."

Knowledge is power; Power is control
Take back control of your health care

“For years I suffered from excessive heat and pain in my feet. I went in to Auburn - Sacramento Thermography for a breast scan and decided to have a full body scan. I learned of my circulation problems and finally understood the cause of the symptoms in my feet. I was also relieved to know that my breast exam was normal. I am grateful for the professional help I received from Auburn Thermography and would highly recommend them,” …Penny Tyler

For a fundamental “interactive” understanding of Thermography, please go to www.askdrdawn.com (choose archive, then interview with Dr. Amalu done on 4/26/08).

Contact us for more information about medical thermography (medical infrared imaging) or fill out the Patient Forms to set your appointment.

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