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What if there was an exam that could warn you of a pending problem before it happened? Thermography has the ability to give you risk factors that lead to diseases that can rob you of your lifestyle. Used wisely thermography can give you power and control over your health care decisions, usually with with a positive outcome.

Thermography detects the Early Signs of:

At Auburn Thermography we encourage full body exams.
As you will read below, it's like giving yourself the gift of health.

Infrared Breast Thermography is 100% safe
No radiation
Is FDA Approved
Is completely painless
Detects inflammation years before mammograms

Full Body Imaging

By imaging physiology rather than structure, infrared imaging looks at how the body is functioning.

The whole procedure takes about 1/2 hour for a breast or 1 hour for a full-body exam. You will be mailed a complete written report. Copies may also be sent to your health care providers at your request.

What Makes Infrared Imaging Different From Other Tests?

The greatest difference lies in the type of information you get from different forms of imaging. For example, CT, MRI and EBT excel at looking for tumors in the body. If no tumor is found, does this mean you are in good health? The vast majority of health problems that affect us, and decrease our life span, do not come in the form of tumors. Many health problems that slowly evolve and rob you of your quality of life cannot be detected by CT, MRI or EBT. Infrared imaging provides a different way of examining the body.

Who Benefits From a Full Body Scan?

Everyone, especially health conscious patients who prefer to head off possible health problems before it's too late. Infrared imaging may also give your doctor the information you need to get nearer the cause of a current problem that is not responding well to treatment. By providing an extremely early warning, or notifying you of a current problem that is going undetected, infrared body scanning has the ability to help you in preventing health problems that stop you from enjoying life.

It can take many years for a condition to develop. Medical infrared thermography may be able to warn you of a problem years in advance of other tests.

Early Detection for Your Family

Infrared imaging aids in the early detection and prevention of disease. Your doctor may use this procedure as part of your yearly physical exam or to investigate a problem you may be experiencing. If your doctor is not currently using infrared imaging, you are free to call for an appointment without a referral. Infrared imaging may be exactly what the doctor     ordered when it comes
to watching your health over time or determining the cause of a current problem.

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