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Judy Mayer, Thermographer
Her Personal Experience

“From personal experience (having gone through breast cancer, chemotherapy and surgery), I felt like I had no choices over my breast care. No choice is a disturbing and frustrating situation. After months of research, I became aware of all the advances made in infrared imaging, along with testimonials of many people that had had lifesaving experiences. Most importantly, I learned that infrared imaging could help prevent people from going through the anguish I experienced with breast cancer treatments."…Judy Mayer,

Auburn Thermography Infrared Breast Thermography is

  • 100% safe
  • No radiation
  • FDA Approved
  • Completely painless
  • Detects inflammation years before mammograms

What Makes Infrared Imaging Different From Other Tests?

Current research has determined that the key to breast cancer survival rests upon its earliest possible detection. If discovered in its earliest stages, 95% cure rates are possible. Thermography gives you that edge.

The greatest difference lies in the type of information you get from different forms of imaging. For example, CT, MRI and EBT excel at looking for tumors in the body. If no tumor is found, does this mean you are in good health? The vast majority of health problems that affect us, and decrease our life span, do not come in the form of tumors. Many health problems that slowly evolve and rob you of your quality of life cannot be detected by CT, MRI or EBT. Infrared imaging provides a different way of examining the body.

Thermography has the ability to provide women with a future risk assessment. If discovered, certain thermographic risk markers can warn a woman that she needs to work closely with her doctor with regular checkups to monitor her breast health.

Please allow 1/2 hour for a breast scan. You will be mailed a complete written report. Copies may also be sent to your health care providers at your request.

Why Choose Breast Thermography

Please read the following article written by Dr. William Amalu. Dr. Amalu is the primary doctor that reads the exams done at Auburn Thermography, just as a radiologist reads other imaging modalities. He has had many years of training in the interpretation of infrared exams and has gone through personal tragedy, regarding his sister that could have been avoided had he known about the advantages of thermography. You will learn the facts of breast cancer and how thermography can be an incredible gift to your well-being. You can also understand why thermography is important for woman under the age of 40. In fact, we advocate that women begin breast imaging with a baseline scan at 20 years.

“I wanted a different alternative to the mammogram—a safer choice. I found that with Thermography. It was simple, painless and a good experience. Judy was wonderful, compassionate, informative—a wealth of information. I would recommend Thermography which shows a better picture of health along with the mammogram,”…Jody Summers of Auburn

Beating Breast Cancer

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